The Importance of Discussing Utopia

Like any writer, I can look back at my previous work with no shortage of criticality. I will, however, do my best to resist any temptation to actually edit any of it. That said, I’d like to revisit A Discussion on Utopia to elaborate and clarify some of the points. In the post, I identify […]

A discussion on Utopia

Conceptions of utopia are not just for science fiction writers and political philosophers. We can safely infer that visionary leaders in business, government, art, and science all view their work as some sort of advancement or improvement to human civilization, and while they may not explicitly illustrate their vision of a more perfect society, nor […]

A Nihilistic Idealist

A friend commented that the ideas summarized in my last two posts were nihilistic. For the record, said friend was not intending to be critical. “Nihilism” often has negative connotations. It’s associated with the idea that life is meaningless and lacks intrinsic value. Some people are turned off by this idea because they feel their […]

Free-Will Part 2

I have three close friends with whom I am occasionally in “debate.” Overall, they feel that the Trump Presidency is unusually and exceedingly bad. By “debate,” I mean I play devil’s advocate and they question my motives and/or get riled up. One is ravaged by Trump’s incompetence and apparent racism. Another knows that Trump will […]

The Immortal American Spirit

Americans. What is it about us that makes us so anti-establishment and distrusting of elites? So “I’m going to do it my way?” Is it the constitution? Is it our first two amendments? Kurt Andersen has a theory. In a recent podcast, Andersen spoke with Sam Harris about what makes America so unique in this […]

An Ideological Civil War: Let’s Not and Say We Did?

Conveniently, I found a scapegoat for the writer’s block I’ve had over the last several weeks. I kept getting distracted by the increasingly dangerous and irreparable ideological divide in this country. I’ve written before about how we need to get beyond “left versus right,” even alluding to it two posts ago and in the homepage, […]